Lindsy Marie Cuņado Silva
L.M. Silva
Comic Artist and Illustrator

About Me

My name is Lindsy Silva and I'm a Comic Artist and Writer.

As a Filipina born and raised in Hong Kong, I love mixing styles and cultures and I always look for different elements to experiment with. I love to try out different ways to express a story. Most of my time, I find myself challenging my own style and trying to improve any way I can.

A few of my influences include the talented Jeffery "CHAMBA" Cruz, Soejima Shigenori and Kubo Tite, Jayd Aīt-Kaci, Katie Shannahan, Vera Brosgol and Emily Carroll.

Current Projects

-On-going Sci-Fi Webcomic; :EPOCH Files

-Upcoming comic; Howard & Edgar

Published Work

-Gurukitty Studios's Comic Anthologies Ghost Tales (Engkanto, 2011), Once Upon a Time (Maria Makiling, 2012) and Gateways to Beyond (The Lost Mech, 2013)
-Ink'd Well Comics' Fearsom Fables I & II Charity Anthology; The Sealed Room (2012) & The Quiet Reader (2013)
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